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Common Issues...

Become familiar with instruction manual.

Copy quality problems are often caused by a defective cartridge.

If your Printer has started jamming suddenly. See where the paper stops. This is where your problem starts.

The bond (thickness) of the paper has to meet the specifications of the Printer or Copier.

Keep Copiers and Printers at a constant room temperature.

Be sure paper is loaded in the direction, per ream label (If provided).

Moisture and Copiers and Printers do not mix.

Copiers and Printers can get too hot. Allow to cool after long print runs. Place machine in an open space so it can "breath".

When a job is sent to your Printer or Copier, the paper size has to be a paper size loaded and ready to be printed on by your printer. It can cause the job to be held in the "print que" and not allow other print jobs to print until the "mis-sized" job is deleted. 

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